Proposal preparation

The ALMA project provides a dedicated software, the Observing Tools (OT), to prepare and submit ALMA proposals.It is available from the Science Portal.

The Observing Tools allow you to (Phase I):

  • enter/retrieve source informations (links to Simbad database),
  • check the available frequency tunings,
  • do correlator setups.
  • It also include a sensitivity estimator.

The proposal submission will have to be done using the OT.

PIs of successful proposals will then have to complete Phase II, that is to prepare the observing scheduling blocks, which will also be done under the OT.

The Nordic node can help you with all aspects of proposal preparation using the OT. This help includes

  • tutorials on how to use the OT
  • setting up a specific proposal idea in the OT
  • optimising an existing setup
  • transferring your proposal from previous cycles
  • final-check on technical setup of the proposal

This help can be provided through face-to-face visits, via the ALMA helpdesk, email, or skype (see Contact for more information).