Face-to-face visits to the Nordic ARC node

Preparing your visit

  • Request face-to-face support via the ALMA helpdesk
    • Fill in project id, favoured dates for the visit, need for funding support, type of required support, number of visitors, etc.
    • A notification of your request will be send to the Nordic node and a support scientist to help with your visit will be assigned. Make final arrangements regarding the dates of your visit with the assigned person.
    • Login at almascience.org with your ALMA username and password. Go to your profile page and choose the tab "Project delegation". Select the the code(s) of the project(s) you agreed to work on during your visit and add your f2f contact as a delegee. That way, the contact scientist can download the data prior to your arrival.

  • Accomodation
    • At Onsala Space Observatory, basic guest rooms with the opportunity for cooking and shared bath rooms are available for visitors at a price of 200-250 SEK/night. Please contact contact@nordic-alma.se for help with the booking of these rooms. If you hired a car to come to the observatory it is also possible find accommodation in Kungsbacka (ca. 20min drive)
      or Gothenburg (~45min drive).
    • Be aware that the closest supermarket is at a distance of about 7km from the observatory. The nearest restaurant is the pizzeria in Mariedal 4-5km away.

  • Apply for funding to support your visit
    • The Nordic ARC Node itself cannot provide financial support for F2F visitors. It is however possible to apply for RadioNet funding from the Mobility for ARC Users program (MARCUs). More information on RadioNet funding for ALMA users is available at ESO. The form to apply for funding is available here.

  • Travel to Onsala Space Observatory
    • By public transport: Take the train to Kungsbacka station. There you can either take the bus 731 (the closest stop to the observatory is "Mariedal" but it is ~4-5km away from the observatory!), or take a taxi directly from the train station (~500 SEK).
    • By car: Follow E6/E20 in the direction of Kungsbacka. Take exit nr. 59 (Kungsbacka S/Gottskär/Onsala) and turn onto Onsalavägen in the direction of Onsala/Gottskär. At the roundabout in Onsala, take the second exit to follow the sign "Råö" and carry on on Råövägen. At the crossing in Mariedal, go straight ahead and follow the sign "Råö" until you arrive at the gate to the observatory. Pass the gate and carry on for another ~800m. After that, to reach the administration building and offices turn right at the signs, for the guest houses keep going straight ahead.

During your visit

  • The use of cell phones, as well as other radio transmitters such as wifi and bluetooth, is not permitted on the observatory grounds! Either switch your phone to flight mode or shut it off completely.
  • You will be provided with a desk and an external screen.
  • Make sure to backup your data before you leave! ALMA data sets can be quite large (easily up to several TB), so best bring a portable hard drive for this purpose.

After your visit

  • Fill out the feedback form. This is requirement to be considered for funding support from RadioNet.
  • Enjoy your data!