Upcoming events

Advanced Software Tools for Interferometry, November 28-30, Gothenburg

We are planning a workshop on advanced software tools for interferometry in November 2017 in Gothenburg. The workshop is mainly aimed at members of the European ARC node network. Find more information here.

Past events

  • Evolved stars in ALMA Cycle 4, March 16-17 2016, Gothenburg

  • Evolved stars in ALMA Cycle 3, March 25-26 2015, Gothenburg

  • Nordic Science with ALMA, May 29-31 2013, Gothenburg

  • Nordic ALMA Cycle 1 workshop, June 7-8 2012, Onsala

  • Nordic ALMA proposal workshop, May 18-19 2011, Onsala

  • ALMA capabilities and Observing Tool tutorials in connection with proposal deadlines for Cycle 0-4, Nordic institutes